It is up to all employers to ensure their staff work in a safe environment and have the correct training when completing inherently dangerous tasks.

We believe proper training and safety equipment are critical elements of a health and safety program, but they are only a starting point. Effectively minimizing health and safety risk also demands a culture of safety, one where all our staff maintain the presence of mind to recognize risk and do what’s necessary to protect themselves and others. Only with this culture can we minimize the unique risks that arise in the wide variety of factories and environments in which we operate.
Our four pillar approach to safety:

Risk Management – we accept that accidents will happen, we provide the training and equipment to mitigate risk. Training includes Arc Flash, Fall Arrest, Lift Cert, Fork Lifts, and First Aid.

Reward the Effort Not Statistics – by rewarding the effort people put into safety as opposed to safety statistics, we have created a culture whereby our people aren’t afraid to report incidents for fear of ruining a ‘safety record.’

Continually Improve – as new technologies and innovations are adopted in the manufacturing industry, we ensure our team are proficiently trained to keep pace with the ever-changing work environment.

Protection – all Neutron staff are provided with PPE including safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection, Arc Flash clothing, lockout tags and locks, hard hats, safety harnesses, respirators, and face masks. Staff receive an annual allowance for work boots and clothing.

Neutron actively works with the following safety organizations: