Our customers are factories. Industries who rely on our services include:

  • Food and beverage processors
  • Industrial manufacturers including steel, concrete, plastics, and wood
  • Cold storage logistic facilities
  • Warehouses

Below is a snapshot outlining some of our customers and the work we perform for them:

Emergency Response Specialists

Gourmet Baker (Aryzta)

Food and Beverage

Services: Electrical, Mechanical, Refrigeration, Rigging, and High Voltage

We received an emergency call at 8am when Gourmet Baker had lost power to their bakery with over 200 staff working inside. Our JM electrician was on scene within 30 minutes and we identified the problem as a failed high-voltage transformer in their unit sub. We coordinated a one megawatt generator, cranes, high voltage electricians, and other associated labour to establish electrical power into the building so that they could run. Our team stayed to turn on the equipment and ensured all systems were running, allowing the factory to be in full production before midnight.

Seamless Transition

Naturally Splendid

Natural Health

Services: Electrical, Mechanical, Rigging, Plumbing, General Contracting, and Construction

Neutron worked with the team at Naturally Splendid to design the layout and process flow of their brand-new facility. We installed the production equipment and provided all the trades required to successfully build a new processing area.

Design, Build and Install

Garden Protein (Pinnacle)

Food and Beverage

Services: Engineering, Project management, PLC Programming, Refrigeration, Electrical, Welding/Fabricating, and Rigging

In order to sustain their growth, Garden Protein required two new freezer packages for their operation. They turned to our team to design, build, install, and commission two large freezer packages totaling 600hp.

Peace of Mind

Phyton Biotech LLC


Services: Refrigeration, Electrical, and Mechanical

Neutron supplied and installed Phyton’s gas powered emergency back up system.

Downtime Management


Steel Manufacturing

Services: Electrical, Mechanical, PLC Programming, and Industrial Electronics

Neutron has worked with LMS for 18 years providing regular scheduled maintenance as well as providing 24/7 emergency response to keep them running. Our team has also assisted in setting up their new facility in Alberta.

New Production Expansion


Food and Beverage

Services: Electrical, PLC Programming, General Contracting, and Process Welding

Neutron was tasked with overseeing the installation of a new production line which allowed CKF to expand their manufacturing capabilities at their Langley facility. We were responsible for all process piping, structural steel, the installation of ovens, presses & conveying systems, including powering up and commissioning. It also involved the coordination of various subcontractors, engineers and the OEM.

New Facility Buildup


Steel Manufacturing

Services: Electrical and Mechanical

Neutron was responsible for expanding Marcon’s metal fabrication facility into a new building. We provided electricians and mechanics to supply and install their manufacturing equipment. Neutron disconnected and reconnected equipment from other facilities as part of the expansion.

Preventative Maintenance



Services: Mechanical, Electrical, PLC Programming, and Industrial Electronics

We are currently working with Robar providing on-site regular scheduled maintenance within their manufacturing facility. Work includes preventative maintenance on their induction furnaces and mold handling equipment as well as chillers, conveyors, motors, gearboxes and electrical control systems.

Round The Clock Support

Vibrant Health Products

Food and Beverage

Services: Electrical, Millwrights, and Refrigeration

We provide Vibrant Health’s Bakery with around the clock refrigeration and mechanical support. Projects have included replacing two spiral bread coolers and rebuilding various refrigeration systems to provide reliable and efficient use of older equipment and rooms.

Parallel Installation

Pac Bolt

Steel Manufacturing

Services: Electrical, Mechanical, Refrigeration, and Industrial Electronics

Neutron came in to install two 150KW Induction Furnaces to replace the old gas ovens. The project involved running two new power feeds from their main electrical service supplying and installing all the required switch gear to safely operate all the equipment. We also installed and supplied a large chilling system to operate the glycol cooling lines.