Trades Services

At Neutron, we specialize in providing a wide range of trades services to keep your factory running smoothly. Our experienced and certified tradespeople are available 24/7/365 to ensure that your equipment is running at peak performance.

Electrical Services

We offer comprehensive electrical services to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently. Our services include electrical installations, upgrades, and repairs, as well as control panel design and build, electrical testing and certification, and emergency electrical services.

Mechanical / Millwright Services

Our skilled mechanical and millwright services can handle all of your equipment needs, from installation and relocation to refurbishment and modernization. Our services include machinery installation, relocation, and removal, preventative maintenance and repairs, custom fabrication and welding, equipment refurbishment and modernization, and emergency mechanical services.

Automation Services

Our advanced automation services can optimize your production processes, reduce downtime, and increase output. Our services include PLC programming and troubleshooting, HMI design and programming, system integration and optimization, robotics integration and programming, and emergency automation services.

Refrigeration Services

Our expert refrigeration services can maintain temperature-controlled environments to ensure the safe storage of your products. Our services include refrigeration system installation, maintenance, and repairs, custom refrigeration system design and build, refrigeration system optimization and energy management, and emergency refrigeration services.

Gas & Plumbing Services

We offer professional gas and plumbing services to keep your facility safe and efficient. Our services include gas and plumbing system installation, maintenance, and repairs, custom gas and plumbing system design and build, gas and plumbing system optimization and energy management, and emergency gas and plumbing services.

Welding & Fabrication Services

Our high-quality welding and fabrication services can handle all of your custom needs. Our services include custom metal fabrication and welding, structural steel fabrication and welding, specialty welding services, and emergency welding and fabrication services.

Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop Services team provides custom machining and fabrication solutions for your industrial equipment. Whether you need CNC machining, custom tooling, or equipment repair and maintenance, our machine shop experts will ensure that your equipment is running smoothly and efficiently.

Engineering Services

Our professional engineering services can design and optimize your facility to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our services include facility design and layout planning, process engineering and optimization, project management and coordination, energy management and sustainability services, and emergency engineering services.

At Neutron, we understand that downtime can be costly. That's why we offer 24/7/365 emergency support for all of our trades services. Our skilled and certified tradespeople are always available to respond to your urgent needs, ensuring that your equipment is up and running as quickly as possible.

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