Our Story

Industrial Services Provider since 1986

Neutron started in 1986 as a small industrial electrical contractor, working with food processing and manufacturing customers in the Greater Vancouver area. In the years that followed, Neutron came to recognize the need for a more integrated approach to industrial services and began adding new skill sets to its service line. Today, Neutron’s service lines include PLC Programming, Automation, Mechanical, Welding, Refrigeration, Electrical, Combustion Gas, Plumbing, Rigging, Project Management and General Contracting. Neutron has also developed an extensive network of partners with specialized expertise to be drawn on as needed. From decades of experience working in factories, Neutron intimately understands how critical reliable production is for its customers’ businesses, warranting top talent to identify issues and implement effective solutions. Accordingly, Neutron seeks and develops top industry talent and it is these individuals to whom Neutron credits its brand, its growth, and its ability to deliver expertise and peace of mind to factories of all types.

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35+ Years of Expertise

Decades of Industry Insight

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Neutron has established itself as a leading provider of industrial solutions in British Columbia. Our long-standing presence has allowed us to build relationships with every original equipment manufacturer (OEM), vendor, supplier, and subcontractor in the region, giving us unparalleled insight into the manufacturing landscape. At Neutron, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and maintaining our finger on the pulse of the industry.

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Elevating Industrial Safety

Innovating Industrial Safety Practices

At Neutron, we are passionate about improving safety and promoting excellence in the industrial sector. We work closely with the ITA and BC Tech Safety to develop programs and policies that help shape the industry, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest safety practices and technology. Neutron actively works with the following safety organizations:

  • BC Safety charter
  • Manufacturing safety Alliance of BC
  • BC Safety Authority
  • WorkSafeBC

Guided by Our Principles

At Neutron, we are guided by our core values: Responsibility, Pride, Value Focus, and Collaboration. These principles serve as the foundation of our company culture, and drive everything we do. We take ownership of our work, take pride in our services, focus on delivering results that maximize customer value, and work collaboratively with our clients, partners, and employees to achieve success.

Our commitment to these core values is not just a matter of words, but a reflection of who we are as a company. We understand that these values are essential to building strong relationships with our clients and partners, and to creating a work environment where our employees can thrive. At Neutron, we are committed to upholding these principles in everything we do, and to continuing to build a company that our employees and clients are proud to be a part of.

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    We take ownership of our work to complete it safely and efficiently.

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    We are a team of professional tradespersons who take pride in the tools we carry and the work we perform.

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    Value Focused

    We focus on the results that maximize customer value.

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    We share our trade skills to harness collective expertise.