Neutron’s mechanical team’s skills go far beyond welding, machining, and plumbing. We are experts on production machinery repairs, modifications and maintenance  Our mobile service trucks carry tools and supplies: to weld up to ½” steel and stainless and ⅜” aluminum; TIG welding equipment for food grade sanitary welding; power threading equipment; and power hand tools for all types of light and medium duty mechanical work.

Maintaining, fixing, welding, machining, equipment over hauls, or moves, we do it all. Our team takes pride in knowing every bearing is greased and every bolt is tight; let us take the weight of your machinery off of your shoulders.

One phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, (604) 524-6965

  • INTRODUCTION Neutron Factory Works helps you meet your goals‬

  • DRIVING OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE  Neutron goes behind the scenes of some successful businesses

  • NEUTRON EARNS AWARD: FOODPROWEST  Neutron earns ‘Innovator of the Year’ award at Food Pro West 2012

  • MANUFACTURING Manufacturing facilities, repairs, installations and maintenance

  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Our trades persons are able to see and correct issues before they happen

  • UPGRADES Equipment upgrades give old equipment a second life‬

  • FOOD PROCESSING Food processing facilities, Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

  • SCADA SYSTEMS SCADA systems increase production and quality

  • FUNDRAISING Fundraising for cancer: Saving the Girls 2011

  • FUNDRAISING Fundraising for cancer: Saving the Girls 2012