Neutron’s trades personnel and technicians understand the demanding requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Neutron technicians have been trained in proper gowning/ de-gowning procedures, and can work aseptically, smartly and concurrently with your manufacturing to assure project progress without the need for costly and inconvenient shutdowns.

At Neutron we have vast experience in working in controlled environments; we understand the importance of people and material flow within the GMP sphere to assure product integrity and personnel safety. We can provide project turnover packages as well as maintain detailed maintenance schedules and records to satisfy any government or customer audit.  Contact our office and let us help you with your requirements.

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  • INTRODUCTION Neutron Factory Works helps you meet your goals‬

  • DRIVING OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE  Neutron goes behind the scenes of some successful businesses

  • NEUTRON EARNS AWARD: FOODPROWEST  Neutron earns ‘Innovator of the Year’ award at Food Pro West 2012

  • MANUFACTURING Manufacturing facilities, repairs, installations and maintenance

  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Our trades persons are able to see and correct issues before they happen

  • UPGRADES Equipment upgrades give old equipment a second life‬

  • FOOD PROCESSING Food processing facilities, Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

  • SCADA SYSTEMS SCADA systems increase production and quality

  • FUNDRAISING Fundraising for cancer: Saving the Girls 2011

  • FUNDRAISING Fundraising for cancer: Saving the Girls 2012