All of our electricians are passionate about what they do and thrive on taking on challenging projects. Serving a four year apprenticeship and receiving their Red Seal certification is just the start of the education of an electrician at Neutron. Our in-house training continually updates their skill sets to keep up with the advancements in automation and energy conservation installation of variable speed dives, and Smart relays are second nature to our staff. When emerging technologies such as LED lighting and using RF control systems become cost effective in the near future we will be ready. Try us out and watch your costs decline as production goes up and machinery runs flawlessly.


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  • INTRODUCTION Neutron Factory Works helps you meet your goals‬

  • DRIVING OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE  Neutron goes behind the scenes of some successful businesses

  • NEUTRON EARNS AWARD: FOODPROWEST  Neutron earns ‘Innovator of the Year’ award at Food Pro West 2012

  • MANUFACTURING Manufacturing facilities, repairs, installations and maintenance

  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Our trades persons are able to see and correct issues before they happen

  • UPGRADES Equipment upgrades give old equipment a second life‬

  • FOOD PROCESSING Food processing facilities, Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

  • SCADA SYSTEMS SCADA systems increase production and quality

  • FUNDRAISING Fundraising for cancer: Saving the Girls 2011

  • FUNDRAISING Fundraising for cancer: Saving the Girls 2012