6th Annual Men’s Dinner

Rick and his team at Neutron want to thank all the guys who attended our 6th Annual Men’s Dinner hosted by Mark Brand at Save On Meats in Vancouver. Aside from being a great reason to get out with the boys to celebrate another great year, we also wanted to raise money for a couple of local women’s shelters on the downtown east side through A Better Life Foundation . We were overwhelmed with the direct impact this small group of leaders had on our community…

We raised $24,000 at the dinner, this equates to 6,971 nutritious meals. There are 41 women at the Rainier, this will provide 170 days of full meals.

Donations were matched by Ryan Benn and his team at Alive Magazine.

In addition, Don Mekilok, CEO of Shearwater Fishing Lodge and his team donated 200lbs of Salmon to A Better Life Foundation . This equates to 640 meals.

Don has also committed to working with Mark Brand and his team at ABLF to develop the ‘Better Life Fish Donation’ program for the upcoming season at Shearwater Fishing Lodge. Don estimates a potential to secure upwards of 2000lbs to 3000lbs of Salmon,equating to close to 10,000 nutritious meals!